Archive: April, 2015

Spring is Really the Best Time for Renewal

Most people think New Years Day is the best time to form resolutions and begin fresh projects. But after the busy holiday season, the year begins not with a bang but a fizzle. Spring is really the best time for: Beginning a new fitness regimen. (Why? A simple walk around the more

Hank Hits A Home Run With Fans

It all began when a stray dog wandered onto the field during spring training for the Milwaukee Brewers. The dog’s fur was dirty and matted, two of his teeth were missing, and it appeared that he had been hit by a car. No one claimed him, so the team rescued more

Go Badgers!

The University of Wisconsin Badgers basketball team is making an appearance in the NCAA Final Four again this year after making it last year. The whole state of Wisconsin is in a “red” mood hoping the team will win its first championship in 74 years. Since the UW basketball program was more