Archive: May, 2015

Humor in Healthcare

Did you hear the one about ... Fallon and Kimmel do it every night. They stand in front of a nationwide audience and tell jokes and, the studio audience laughs hysterically. It looks really easy, too. But, behind the scenes, the audience at home did not see a team of writers working more

The “F” doesn’t stand for firetruck!

A popular magazine recently used the acronym “WTF” in a cover headline. This acronym is very popular in texting, and has been used on contemporary edgier websites usually designated for younger audiences. No matter how popular the acronym is, or how it appears to be gaining more acceptance in everyday language more

Getting Your POV to Key Stakeholders

Enquiring Minds Want to Know They Can Handle the Truth No matter what the occupation, lack of communication is one of the biggest complaints in the business world today. Not enough, too much, true comments, false comments are reasons to communicate with all parties involved. Management should strive to get the right kind more