Archive: June, 2015

Get to Know: Laura Gazzana Pagel

Loyal. Prepared. Grounded. Those are a few words to describe The Roberts Group’s Media Director, Laura Gazzana Pagel. A graduate of Pius XI High School in Milwaukee, Wis. and UW-Madison, Laura holds a degree in communication arts. With more than 20 years of media experience, Laura has been with The Roberts Group more

Who’s Best for Healthcare Marketing – Honey Boo or Annette Champagne?

Honey Boo Boo and Annette Champagne appeared on televised beauty pageants for children and viewers were also introduced to their assortment of eccentric family and friends. Each of their parents entered their daughters in the pageants and desperately wanted them to win and wear their crowns proudly. Now, what if Mama more

Using Statistics to Paint a Story

All the information that’s stored in databases and spreadsheets certainly cannot speak for itself. Remember those confusing college classes with a chalkboard full of formulas and equations? Behind all those formulas, equations, numbers and percent signs, important stories need to be told. Storytelling that involves numbers and statistics is certainly more more

Behind the Scenes: Nurse Branding Campaign

A Look at the Creative Sequence During a client meeting last spring, discussions began about their upcoming branding campaign. Should we look at physicians/specialists? What about innovative technology? Highlight remodeling or campus expansion?  Then there was a pause. We NEED to do something with our nurses. Our nurses make us a more