Archive: September, 2015

How to “go country” … a rural market expansion project

In todays healthcare landscape, its a growing trend: healthcare systems are expanding into rural communities as they acquire independent hospitals and physician practices. While this sounds simple enough, the lengthy process requires careful market analysis, budgeting, planning and deliberate involvement and communication with key stakeholders and physicians from the start. more

How Many New Words Do You Know?

Every three months, the Oxford English Dictionary revises and adds new words… official words like… cat café beer and wine o’clock mkay (instead of okay) Pretty awesomesauce, huh? Yep, that’s in there too. So, how is it that these words and phrases that scream “trend” are included in a collection that brings us colporteur, more

Are You Maximizing Outreach with Video Doctor Profiles?

Finding a doctor is scary, confusing and, with more information online than ever before, overwhelming. Potential patients are looking for a healthcare professional that will personally connect with them and care for their needs. Video profiles are the most effective method for doctors to show their personal side. Five forms of more