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Behind the Scenes: Nurse Branding Campaign

Katie Stensberg

A Look at the Creative Sequence

During a client meeting last spring, discussions began about their upcoming branding campaign. Should we look at physicians/specialists? What about innovative technology? Highlight remodeling or campus expansion?  Then there was a pause. We NEED to do something with our nurses. Our nurses make us a BETTER hospital EVERY DAY. And so, the genesis for a campaign about nurses began.

Initially, the campaign began as two, two-minute videos for the client’s website. Several nurse leaders and other professional colleagues created a list of 20 nurses. These nurses were invited for in-depth interviews. No one would have been able to predict the large amount of content we would receive from this initial research. Sixteen nurses provided over eight hours of transcription content!

The transcripts were reviewed and several of the nurses were asked to participate in a second round of on-camera interviews, still photography and video recording of their respective units. The interviews began in documentary-style, in other words, in the nurses’ places of work where “life is as it is.”

Editing began and again no one could have predicted the outcome. Not only was there enough rich content to create three, two-minute segments for their website … an additional eight, 30-second nurses’ stories were developed! With that, the nurse branding campaign became a reality within three short months.

The three, two-minute themes are education and advancement, teamwork, and patient care. Placement of these videos include: the client’s main and careers websites; and social media. The eight, 30-second commercial spots will rotate in select television programs.

The birth of every campaign is different, but the goal remains the same. Focus on what makes your healthcare organization shine.

Watch a two-minute segment and a 30-second commercial video below. To view the complete nurse campaign, visit our YouTube channel.


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