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Most people think New Year’s Day is the best time to come up with resolutions and begin new projects. Forget about the time when champagne corks are popping on New Year’s Eve, the best time for renewal and new projects is in spring when tulips and daffodils are beginning to sprout.


Spring is the best time to:

  • Begin a new fitness regime. (A simple walk around the block doesn’t require three layers of clothing.)
  • Plan a summer vacation. (Departure date is now closer than January 1.)
  • Start spring-cleaning. (It’s called SPRING-cleaning.)
  • Learn something new. (Nobody wants to trudge out in the ice and snow to take classes. And, class sizes are usually smaller during spring and summer.)


For marketers, spring is a great time to:

  • Look forward as well as backward. (Set new goals and re-examine the successes and duds of the winter season.)
  • Grow. (It’s a great time to reach out to new clients.)
  • Check in with current clients. (Were they satisfied with the marketing work that was done over the winter?)
  • Boast about staff, latest successes and awards. (Remind everyone about your great team that comes up with hot ideas ... they’re still standing after the cold winter.)


Think spring!