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Introducing Elizabeth (Liz) Siepmann, a Catholic Memorial High School and Marquette University alumna; advertising major with a minor in communication design. Liz is an Ignite Core Team Member at St. Charles Catholic Church where she is able to exemplify her leadership skills with high school ministry groups. Whether on a tennis court or on a trail horseback riding, Liz brings passion to everything she is involved with. Liz is always up for a sword fight, it reminds her of the glory days on her high school fencing team.


Meet Aaron Wagner, a communication graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay where he was named into the Communication Chair’s Hall of Fame. During political campaign seasons, you can find Aaron volunteering for his favorite candidate. News and politics run through his veins. A few fun facts about Aaron: he grew up on a small dairy farm in Cleveland, Wisconsin; he thinks he can dance like Usher; and Whoopi Goldberg follows him on Twitter @AaronWagner_.