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Doctors become doctors to help sick people return to healthy lives. But, many more day-to-day occurrences are needed to run a successful medical practice. So, individual private medical practices are joining group medical partners employed by hospitals.

An advantage of joining a medical partners group is a doctor can focus primarily on medical care of patients without worrying about administrative things like personnel issues, billing and advertising.

To become a member of a medical partners group, it involves more than just changing the name on the office door.

Saint Francis Medical Center has developed a step-by-step procedural to follow when a private practice in the Cape Girardeau area wants to join their medical partners group. Everything from deadline dates to employee ownership is specified in the plan.

The process to introduce a new practice in the partners group begins about three to four months before the revamped practice is on the market. Personnel are contacted with their responsibilities and the process begins.

Beginning with prelaunch requirements like finalizing contracts and choosing a practice name to general requirements like developing a logo and ordering stationery, duties and assignments are placed in a template format developed by the Saint Francis Medical Center marketing department.

Since the marketing department is already familiar with the new medical partner, the department is able to get the news to other employees, physicians and to the general public so returning and prospective patients are able to start setting up appointments as soon as all the business aspects of the new practice are finalized.