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In the Academy Award-winning animated movie “Big Hero 6,” Baymax is the future of healthcare. He was created by Tadashi Hamada. He looks like a giant white balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. He fits snugly in his red case until he’s needed to assist the sick and injured, which is what Tadashi originally programmed him to do.

Tadashi’s little brother, Hiro, reprogrammed him with a rocket fist, super strength and rocket thrusters giving him the ability to fly. So, not only is he able to be a personal healthcare companion, he is able to fight a masked supervillain controlling millions of tiny swarming microbots and a giant threatening portal to another dimension. Phew!

As a healthcare companion, Baymax appears after hearing a sound of distress. He’s able to detect vital statistics, to get a patient’s level of pain and to treat any ailment - all with one simple scan. He is also able to comfort a patient with a couple of back pats and a monotone “there, there.” Plus, he gives his patients a lollipop when the exam is finished.

Baymax also has a pain meter scale that appears on his chest, and his hands can turn into defibrillators. When Baymax is finished with his examination, he asks, “Are you satisfied with your care? I cannot deactivate until you say, I am satisfied with my care.”

Healthcare is constantly evolving in the United States. From yesterday’s neighborhood doctor and druggist down the street, to today’s highly specialized professionals and technology, to tomorrow’s Baymax personal model of healthcare, everyone learned about changes and new ideas as healthcare transitioned through the years.

Nobody will forget the issues, problems and situations created when the Affordable Care Act was introduced. (Even Tadashi had problems creating Baymax as seen in the movie.) Whatever marketing issues healthcare organizations faced in the past, The Roberts Group was always there with successful solutions.

The fictional Baymax type of healthcare companion is certainly years and years away from becoming a reality. But, when it does, The Roberts Group will be there with the marketing experience to help Baymax and his healthcare associates with smart, creative and strategic ideas.