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Email newsletters and promotions are everywhere. The trick is getting your recipients, especially the ones who requested it, to open your email and be engaged. How do you do it? You have to get around spam filters, build interest and deliver to your customers what you promise. Wrapping your head around all of this means hours of research and reading with the hopes that it all makes sense. Or, just follow these three simple tips to write killer subject lines and watch your numbers go up.

Avoid phrases that look like spam.

All caps, excessive exclamation marks and catchy phrases like “CLICK HERE!” and “FREE! BUY NOW” are campy and untrustworthy. They are key words that spam filters look for. This means your email probably won’t make it in to your customers’ inbox, even if you are on their contact list. If it does, these headlines make a bad impression, sending the message your company is gimmicky and uncreative.

Don’t want your email to be tagged as spam? Here are 10 words/phrases to avoid in your email subject lines:

  1. Opportunity
  2. Affordable
  3. Limited time offer
  4. Risk free
  5. Urgent
  6. Act now!
  7. Dear friend
  8. FREE
  9. Lowest price
  10. Make money fast

Make it personal.

Speak to your audience and make them care about what you have to say. Give them reasons why, benefits, testimonials, how-tos, or ask them questions that make them think about where they stand. Appeal to their needs and do it quickly in an easy way to understand. You will get further with an email calling out “Three Tips for a Killer Email” than one with the subject line “Email Headlines are Important.”

Be honest.

Give the details up front. Don’t hide the lead in a vague or confusing subject line. This is especially important for recurring newsletters. When a customer first signs up for a newsletter, they are very likely to open them and be engaged. But as time goes on, their engagement decreases steadily. To keep them interested and to interest new customers, change it every month and make sure the subject line clearly reflects a main topic addressed inside that email.

Email subject lines are the first impression you make, so do it right. Use the above tips to get started toward more successful email campaigns. If you need help or have questions, let us know. We would be glad to help you out.