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Fostering Relationships Through Communication and Strategy

Whether she’s talking to a client or a coworker, Erin Anderson, account leader at The Roberts Group, is fostering a relationship.

“I love building client relationships,” says Erin. “I’m still friends with clients from six or seven years ago. I also think mentoring junior team members is very, very important. When we communicate better, we work more efficiently.”

Erin’s skills – leadership, communication, efficiency – are especially helpful when a project needs revising or a process needs rethinking. In other words, almost every day.

“It’s my role to make the account team the most strategic, most efficient and most awesome team,” she says. “How can we do things better? How can we work more efficiently? Getting things done on our to-do lists is important, but everything can change. You can set out to do XYZ, but then ABC happens. Things go really fast; things change. It’s my job keep the clients on track; it’s also seeing where there might be process improvements we can make at TRG.”

Strategic thinking is another one of Erin’s – and TRG’s – talents. “It’s not only doing things right; it’s backing them up with strategy and getting the best possible product for the client,” she says. “That’s what sets us apart day in and day out.”

Of course, whether Erin is talking to hospital administrators or TRG teammates, she’s listening and learning.

“I gain lots of good insight from talking to our clients,” she says. “As much as TRG is an expert in healthcare marketing, our healthcare clients are the windows into their systems – their politics, facilities, doctors, staff, communities. I’m still learning the ins and outs and getting up to speed with each one. With our newest client, we’re all trying to absorb as much as we can before going out there, which I’m excited about.”