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Is Your Charity Ready For Mobile Giving?

Barbara Thompson

Let’s start with the numbers. According to a 2014 study, approximately 60 percent of donors, young and old, contributed online last year. Combine that with the 64 percent of American adults who own a smartphone and 10 percent who don’t have Internet at home (Pew Research), it becomes clear that more

Spark the Chain Reaction of Gratitude

Barbara Thompson

Several years ago, I delivered a keynote presentation at a Midwest healthcare marketing convention. As President and CEO of The Roberts Group (TRG), I talked about igniting the spark and shared research findings that showed one of the ways high performers “light the flame” is by seeking out mentors. Something more

Using Statistics to Paint a Story

All the information that’s stored in databases and spreadsheets certainly cannot speak for itself. Remember those confusing college classes with a chalkboard full of formulas and equations? Behind all those formulas, equations, numbers and percent signs, important stories need to be told. Storytelling that involves numbers and statistics is certainly more more

We’re Taking Imagination and Insight to New Heights

Katie Stensberg

Anything is possible when talented people put their heads together. After a lot of hard work and plenty of great ideas, we’re happy to announce our new website launch! The Roberts Group site now provides a more streamlined interface for our current clients, prospects, employees and random admirers. We’re making it our more