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Hank Hits A Home Run With Fans

It all began when a stray dog wandered onto the field during spring training for the Milwaukee Brewers. The dog’s fur was dirty and matted, two of his teeth were missing, and it appeared that he had been hit by a car. No one claimed him, so the team rescued more

WHPRMS: Madison

Julia (Hansch) Schultz

The TRG team is still on a high from an outstanding conference in Madison last week. What a thrill to have two of our team members present at Wisconsin Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Societys (or WHPRMS for those of us in the industry) annual three-day conference. Our presentation topics could more

How Many New Words Do You Know?

Katie Stensberg

Every three months, the Oxford English Dictionary revises and adds new words… official words like… cat café beer and wine o’clock mkay (instead of okay) Pretty awesomesauce, huh? Yep, that’s in there too. So, how is it that these words and phrases that scream “trend” are included in a collection that brings us colporteur, more

The SHSMD Experience … Making the Impossible, Possible

Kristi Eichman

As a “newbie” in the healthcare industry (fun fact: my career started in healthcare many years ago), I was told on my first day that you must put the SHSMD Annual Conference on your calendar. And, wow, this was great advice! So much so that here I am writing a more

Once upon a time …

As a child, everybody enjoyed listening to a good story whether it was told by a friend, family member or teacher. Whether the story was fiction or nonfiction, it probably came from a previously published source. Or, the storyteller could have created it as he or she went along with more