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Your Logo Tells Your Story

Katie Stensberg

A logo should represent your business in its simplest terms, communicate your brand values, as well as, attract customers. Think about the image you are trying to create, the story you want told, as you begin the process of designing or redesigning your logo. Everyone knows the cliché “a picture is more

10 Ways to Promote Your Event on Social Media

Katie Stensberg

If you dont have an Olympic-size marketing budget for your next event, use social media for affordable and effective exposure. Does this sound familiar? You are given the task of making your next event a huge success with a minimal marketing budget. If so, you are not alone. It is a more

The Power of Storytelling: Four Steps to Find Your Patient Stories

Liz Siepmann

The 2017 Missouri Association for Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing (MAHPRM) Summer Forum was packed with healthcare marketing experts, including Jon Stemmle, associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism. Stemmle’s presentation was powerful, focusing on patient stories. Below are the highlights! We’re in the business of caring for people and more

Behind the Scenes: Nurse Branding Campaign

Katie Stensberg

A Look at the Creative Sequence During a client meeting last spring, discussions began about their upcoming branding campaign. Should we look at physicians/specialists? What about innovative technology? Highlight remodeling or campus expansion?  Then there was a pause. We NEED to do something with our nurses. Our nurses make us a more

5 Ways to Prepare for a Convention

Kelly Christiansen

As the Society for Healthcare Marketing and Development (SHSMD) (pronouncedsssshhhhhh-mid) convention approaches, the team who will represent The Roberts Group (TRG) continues to prepare. With my double acronyms out of the way (hey, I do work at an agency, it is kind of our thing), I am happy to share more