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7 Tips for Event Marketers Who Fundraise

Kelly Christiansen

Pink Up Case Study An entire community joins together for a cause. You have heard of this before, but what does it look like? In this illustration, it looks pink. Here is the story of how the Pink Up movement started, and advice for marketing your next event/fundraising endeavor. Know your roots Back more

How to “go country” … a rural market expansion project

In todays healthcare landscape, its a growing trend: healthcare systems are expanding into rural communities as they acquire independent hospitals and physician practices. While this sounds simple enough, the lengthy process requires careful market analysis, budgeting, planning and deliberate involvement and communication with key stakeholders and physicians from the start. more

Nielsen Data and Research: One of the Many Tools in Our Media Toolbox

Laura Pagel

What’s Up with Nielsen? Since the 1950s the Nielsen ratings system has been the leading source of television audience measurement information. Initially, ratings were gathered by viewer “diaries”, with consumers self-recording their viewing habits. Today, in the new world … full of data, metrics and messaging, Nielsen has developed new standards more

Once upon a time …

As a child, everybody enjoyed listening to a good story whether it was told by a friend, family member or teacher. Whether the story was fiction or nonfiction, it probably came from a previously published source. Or, the storyteller could have created it as he or she went along with more

Spark the Chain Reaction of Gratitude

Barbara Thompson

Several years ago, I delivered a keynote presentation at a Midwest healthcare marketing convention. As President and CEO of The Roberts Group (TRG), I talked about igniting the spark and shared research findings that showed one of the ways high performers light the flame is by seeking out mentors. Something in more