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Healthcare Communications is a Gift with a Big Red Bow

Barbara Thompson

If I could give any gift to any CEO, it would be the gift of communication. Communication is the most basic fundamental building block of culture and as Patrick Lencioni says, “Culture trumps everything.” A gift would be to develop and commit to writing your communication “way” and then be more

Getting Your POV to Key Stakeholders

Enquiring Minds Want to Know They Can Handle the Truth No matter what the occupation, lack of communication is one of the biggest complaints in the business world today. Not enough, too much, true comments, false comments are reasons to communicate with all parties involved. Management should strive to get the right kind more

Top Takeaways from the 2017 Wisconsin Rural Health Conference

Julia Hansch

As is typically my experience with conferences, the greatest “takeaway” from last week’s Wisconsin Rural Health Conference was the insightful conversations with fellow attendees and presenters. From listening to others’ CMS and state survey stories – from hilarious to terrifying – to discussing the day-to-day and bigger picture challenges faced more

Is Your Charity Ready For Mobile Giving?

Barbara Thompson

Lets start with the numbers. According to a study in 2014, approximately 60 percent of donors young and old contributed online. You combine that with the 64 percent of American adults who own a smartphone and 10 percent who dont have Internet at home (Pew Research), it becomes clear that more

Spring is Really the Best Time for Renewal

Most people think New Years Day is the best time to form resolutions and begin fresh projects. But after the busy holiday season, the year begins not with a bang but a fizzle. Spring is really the best time for: Beginning a new fitness regimen. (Why? A simple walk around the more