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Getting Your POV to Key Stakeholders

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No matter what the occupation, lack of communication is one of the biggest complaints in the business world today. Not enough, too much, true comments, false comments are reasons to communicate with all parties involved.

Management should strive to get the right kind of communication out to important stakeholders. In todays world, a rapid response is needed to squelch any kind of miscommunication. Using emails or texts is a fast way to communicate the right information before rumors, mistruths and false facts take over.

Its just not limited to standing around the water cooler. Everyone in the communication needs to be aware of what is being said in the hallways, cafeterias, parking lots and wherever else people congregate to talk.

An email series was initiated at Saint Francis Medical Center, a 284-bed care center in Cape Girardeau. The POV (Point of View) was designed to educate and inform stakeholders on issues and trends affecting not only the Medical Center, but also the ever-changing healthcare environment.

Some topic examples included medical news focusing on illness and disease outbreaks, medical procedures that are in the news, changed or misinterpreted laws, government decisions, new products and/or acquisitions.

Each POV was brief and sent out from the Vice President of Marketing to Saint Francis Medical Center stakeholders including Board members and employed physicians on an as-needed basis.

In a four-month timespan, eight POVs were sent. The industry open average is 18 percent. The open rates for each Saint Francis POV was 30 percent or above. The subject matter for the highest open rates included topics in the local news, and vendor, procedure and personnel updates about topics in the local news.

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