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Healthcare Communications is a Gift with a Big Red Bow

Barbara Thompson

If I could give any gift to any CEO, it would be the gift of communication. Communication is the most basic fundamental building block of culture and as Patrick Lencioni says, “Culture trumps everything.”

A gift would be to develop and commit to writing your communication “way” and then be the cavalry. Often communications sent to employees focus on the facts and are delivered by individual department leaders, each with their own unique viewpoint. The message becomes fragmented, and if the message is unpopular, often leaves out the positives of what is taking place. Having your CEO lead the cavalry and deliver the message assures the right results: clear and concise communications. No room for innuendo because everyone is on the same page.

For all communicators, not just healthcare communicators, here’s how we encourage our clients to get the message across in a consistent, impactful way:

  • Develop leader talking points
  • List the benefits and the priority of each one
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Provide handouts of leader talking points
  • Send a staff email to all employees repeating the talking points

If done correct, healthcare communications does not need to be wrapped in the brightest giftwrap. But, knowing your audience and putting together a clear and concise communication plan would be the gift with the big red bow.

For guidance, one tool we offer clients to ensure they’re reaching their audiences in strategic ways is our initiative form. It highlights both the specific audience and marketing tactics. If you would like to know more about how our tool works or discuss communications challenges you might be facing, give us a call.

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