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Humor in Healthcare

Did you hear the one about …

Letterman, Fallon and Kimmel do it every night. They stand in front of a nationwide audience and tell jokes and, the studio audience laughs hysterically. It looks really easy, too.

But, behind the scenes, the audience at home did not see a team of writers working and telling jokes together. In the end, they kept the jokes that brought the most laughter and threw out the jokes that did not during their writing session.

The audience in the comfort of their own homes can hear the audience erupt into laughter. In the studio, there is possibly a man encouraging the audience to laugh like holding up a LAUGH sign telling the audience to laugh at just the right moment. Or, perhaps someone just pushed a button so the canned recorded laughter could be heard.

Promoting your organization and its services sometimes needs a lighthearted approach. It can have a positive, powerful and impressive effective. But, it could also be considered insensitive, uncaring, offensive and reckless.

Being crude and rude just to get a laugh wont work because people take their health very seriously.

Remember, there will not be a laugh track accompanying your message. Nor, will a man be accompanying your healthcare message holding up a sign saying LAUGH like they do at television studios.

Humor has a place in healthcare when done correctly. It can help make a point and address the complexity of an issue while making it lighthearted, while not making light of a serious issue. Sometimes humor is a way to open the door to a conversation.

Using humor can be tough because we dont want it to be mistaken for downplaying a serioushealthissue.

The Roberts Group talented team of professionals is ready to help your organization bring humor into its marketing plans and campaigns, when appropriate. (We promise to check our red clown noses at the door.)

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