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Annual, Urgent or Emergent?

Julia Hansch

The challenge of directing patients to the most appropriate location for care. In a perfect world, everyone would visit their primary care provider annually to ensure all systems are working and receive due immunizations. As we (infrequently) encounter unexpected ailments, such as a throbbing earache or extremely sore throat, we would ...read more

The Power of Storytelling: Four Steps to Find Your Patient Stories

Liz Siepmann

The 2017 Missouri Association for Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing (MAHPRM) Summer Forum was packed with healthcare marketing experts, including Jon Stemmle, associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism. Stemmle’s presentation was powerful, focusing on patient stories. Below are the highlights! We’re in the business of caring for people and ...read more

Top Takeaways from the 2017 Wisconsin Rural Health Conference

Julia Hansch

As is typically my experience with conferences, the greatest “takeaway” from last week’s Wisconsin Rural Health Conference was the insightful conversations with fellow attendees and presenters. From listening to others’ CMS and state survey stories – from hilarious to terrifying – to discussing the day-to-day and bigger picture challenges faced ...read more

Is Centralized Healthcare Marketing Right for You?

Julia Hansch

Three Questions at the Center of Any Decision. Is it acceptable for separate facilities and departments to “do their own thing,” or should all marketing efforts be centralized? Many hospitals and healthcare systems face this important issue regularly. Perhaps you find yourself weighing what’s best for your situation. In our view, step ...read more

Healthcare Communications is a Gift with a Big Red Bow

Barbara Thompson

If I could give any gift to any CEO, it would be the gift of communication. Communication is the most basic fundamental building block of culture and as Patrick Lencioni says, “Culture trumps everything.” A gift would be to develop and commit to writing your communication “way” and then be ...read more