Our Process

Doing the groundwork together. We base our creative efforts on research, strategic planning and client objectives — and believe the value of detailed foundational work boosts the likelihood of success. Our process features key leadership and creative minds, along with appropriate members of your team, and these brainstorming sessions can be productive and exhilarating as we get to know you, inside and out. The momentum generated when motivated people work toward a common goal is powerful, and we do all we can to create such an environment.

We use a comprehensive method, called the TRG Process, to onboard new clients and implement creative strategies. This proven path to success features four distinct steps: Assess, Define, Execute and Evaluate.

Bringing It All Together

Understanding your objectives and timelines at the start of a campaign helps our team of healthcare experts offer a tailored approach to each initiative. Our process is always customized: Bigger campaigns benefit from an in-depth assessment and understanding at the forefront to develop on-point strategy. Smaller ones move through the process quickly, thanks to our team’s industry experience.

Smart Marketing, Strategic Planning & Creative Innovation

We make it our business to know your market, and produce original and creative plans that deliver results. You will get a strategy that your competition never even considered, and we do the legwork to build plans that guide your success. Plus, our creative curiosity and innovation, all backed by strategy, open door and takes you down new, interesting paths


Whether we’re supporting your internal team or taking the lead on a campaign from start to finish, we are an extension of you. Together, we take you further and redefine your measure of success.

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