Our Team

We make your healthcare marketing results better … and your life easier. Throughout the years, our tight-knit team has prided itself in building strong, lasting working relationships with each other and with our clients. After all, maintaining healthy relationships is what it is all about.

Catalyst - Innovator - Theatre Buff

"I love problem-solving for my clients ... helping them to understand where they are now and where they want to go."

Barbara W. Thompson

President and CEO

Curious - Creative - Cheesehead

"Developing creative solutions that really work and making our clients shine. That's what it's all about."

Mark Thompson

Executive Vice President

"I am a communication expert and take great satisfaction in knowing that my insights truly help clients and their patients."

Julia (Hansch) Schultz, MA

Executive Vice President

Curious - Clever - Wisenheimer

"Every day, I get to use my artistic talents and original thinking to impact the communication pieces I create. It's pretty incredible."

Kim Dunn

Creative Director

"From searching for new talent to working together with the senior staff, I love to interact with and get to know people."

Chris Calhoun

Director of Operations and HR Manager

"Great work comes when you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in an organization and gain the trust of your clients. That’s really what drives me."

Kristi Strode

Senior Account Executive

Prepared - Loyal - Grounded

"I use my research, communication and negotiating skills to form strong relationships with vendors, clients and colleagues."

Laura Gazzana Pagel

Media and Research Director

Versatile - Considerate - Caffeinated

"Developing creative ideas and solutions with people I respect and care about ... that's what gives my work real meaning."

Michael Andes

Associate Creative Director

"I enjoy working with numbers to see what stories they tell and what solutions they provide."

Jamie Reber


Creative - Humanitarian - Superwoman

"I try to think beyond traditional media ... and it feels good knowing I'm helping real patients and people."

Katie Stensberg

Social and Digital Media Strategist

"I create words and ideas that make people take action in their lives. How cool is that?"

Denise Cobb Waller

Creative Writer

"I'm a perfectionist. I love a challenge and the feeling that comes with it when I see it's been conquered."

Elizabeth Siepmann

Project Manager

"The most gratifying part of my job is helping others; working hard behind the scenes to make their lives a little easier."

Lori Angelier Wernicke

Executive Assistant